Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This is something I wrote.. Pass it along...

Right now a woman is getting out of her car. She will walk up to her house her arms full of groceries, a man across the street will see her struggling to carry her bags up, but he wont help, just stare. The woman will make it successfully through her front door, but as she closes the doors the bags will fall out of her arms. Eggs will break on her feet, and her wine bottle will crack. She’ll carefully pick the bottle up, hoping that it wont break. But as she walks slowly towards her kitchen the glass will suddenly break. Leaving a very large, red stain on her carpet.

If the man had helped the woman he would have discovered that the woman‘s name was Jenny. He would have found out that she had a beautiful smile and warm brown eyes. The man would have fallen in love. He would have had three children with that woman. He would had a lifetime of love and happiness.

But the man did not help. He sat on his porch watching the woman struggle. Where he still sits today, just watching.

Kindness goes a long way…

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