Saturday, August 6, 2011



The most inspirational song I think I’ve ever heard is… Sing for the moment. By Eminem. I don’t even like rap, but there’s just something about that song. It makes me feel like I can do anything. Although I’m not saying I’m about to go jump off a building to prove I can fly. Pipe dream.. -_-

We all have a song that makes us feel good. And for some people the only way to express there feelings is through music. So put your head phones on and listen to your song. Tune the world out, and enjoy you moment of peace.

If your one of those people that just listens to a certain type of music, mix it up. It can be surprising the type of music you’ll like. And I’m not talking about Lady Gaga. Not a fan. I like her music, sometimes. But something about her puts me off. I think it may be her… style. I cant seem to wrap my head around it. But if her songs inspire you, then please do listen to her all day. ( Not including school, or work.)

Enjoy your life.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Being Mature

In the family unit..

Have you ever sat on your kitchen counter while your mother had bills scattered all over the kitchen table? Did you see the stressed look on your mothers face? Did you see the worry lines forming on her face? If you did, what did you do? Did you hop off the counter and give her a hug and tell her everything going to be ok? Or did you hop off the counter, and start telling her that you needed money to go to the mall?

As teenagers we all have to understand that everything isn’t about us. We have to realize our parents are under a lot of stress. Sometime were not going to get what ever we want. And so what, its life. If you want money, get a job. Go mow your neighbors lawn. Give your parents a break. They need one. They need to know that your not going to complain when they cant give you money. Because if you have forgotten, that phone that you have, costs money, the computer you use, costs money. Everything in your room, costs money. Sometimes money your parents don’t have to spend.

Sometimes its ok not to get your way. It happens to everyone. We need to realize that our parents love us, and they do everything for us. And if your parents offer you some money, maybe you should turn it down, or tell your parents to spend it on themselves. God knows our parents don’t do it enough. They’re always getting us as much stuff as they can, but they rarely ever get anything for themselves. And maybe its time for them to get themselves something. If they do, don’t be mad because they’re spending that money on themselves, just remember that they’re paying for all your stuff, half of which most of us don’t deserve.

And for those lucky teenagers that have well-off parents. Don’t take you luxury for granted, because one day it could just disappear. Then you’ll be living like the rest of us. Be happy for what your given and enjoy it, but don’t make everything about you, and know when its not okay to buy those shoes. If you do buy those shoes just remember how hard your parents may have worked for that money for those shoes.

I’m not saying to guys that you shouldn’t enjoy your life, because we all should. But what I am saying is remember that your parents didn’t just shit out that money. They worked hard for it, only to be given the money and to have that money disappear within hours of having it. Some people are lucky to not have to worry about money and if you are one of those people, try to realize just how lucky you are, because not everyone is as lucky as you are.

Be responsible even when you don’t wish to be. Do something nice for your parents, even if its just cleaning the yard. Remember to tell your parents that you love them, and you appreciate everything they’ve given you. Because without them, what would you have? Even less.


I hope you guys understand my words. I know that I may not be the best person to be saying them, but someone should say them.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Welcome back, to those who survived my first post. And congratulations, you some how made it.

Today I’m discussing… well to be honest I don’t know what I’m going to be talking or typing about. I feel like I have so much to say, whether its heard or not. Or read.

I love talking. But I don’t talk. My silence can feel deafening to myself. But my words just wont form, and when they do finally form they refuse to be released. My opinions don’t matter to those surrounding me, but only to myself. I feel like I get trapped inside my own mind, no room for me to breathe as I stare at the world going on around me, completely unaffected by me. When I do speak my words are meek. They are quiet words, words that keep me from getting noticed. They aren’t the words I feel like I should be speaking, but the words I speak because they are the words those around me wish to hear. Do those words make me weak?

I wish that I could live a simple life. A life without people constantly judging you. Judging you for your looks, for your smarts. I want to live my life knowing that no cares what I look like. I wish that I could be brave and say ‘I don’t care what you think of me’, but I’m not. But I refuse to allow your words to truly hurt me. Because even if I’m not beautiful to you, or your friends, I am beautiful to myself. I have no flaws in my eyes.

I will wish no harm on others, no matter how hurtful they’re words may be. I will not hate someone for speaking they’re opinion, cruel or not. Because hating is like a full time job. You have this constant feeling in the pit of your stomach. But I know that if I were to hate someone all I’d be able to think about it is. What if something happened to me? Or the other person? Hating people is to much. If they say hurtful things to you, then ignore them. I know easier said than done. But they’re words are just they’re way of feeling stronger. But if you remain strong then they’re words shouldn’t matter to you.

I’m not a therapist. I don’t understand people anymore than the next person. I’m just speaking from my own experiences. Nothing hurts more than having someone tell you your ugly, or that your stupid. Just remember that your not. You are as beautiful as you want to be. And if you want to be beautiful, then you are.

Society pressures us young woman and young men to be something perfect. But perfection is impossible. You may be beautiful on the outside, but if you treat people like stepping stone you will be the ugliest person at the ‘ball’, so to speak. You may not get the cold shoulder because you flipped you long blonde hair in the right direction, then you smiled your sweet smile but if you looked down upon someone else, you wont be beautiful.

And for you, those rare few guys that for some reason are reading this just realize that making fun of that guy because he wore a scarf will one day bite you in the ass. ( Also going for the girls who have also done it). Sometimes saying what you think people want to hear, well sometimes it just shouldn’t be said.  And also remember that that guy, he had the balls you don’t have to walk confidently down the hallway in that scarf. He knew that he was going to get made fun of, but he didn’t care. He wanted to wear that scarf, and he did it. So while you may think its funny to make fun of that guy, atleast he wore that scarf.

Whether or not its true, just remember, sticks and stones may brake my bones but words will never hurt me. I am who I am. I will be proud to be what I am. I will refuse to say words to those surrounding that will hurt them. I know I’m not an angel and that I’m not perfect, but I am willing to try to respect those that are around me whether or not they respect.

Perfection is unrealistic.

Please do comment. =]

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This is something I wrote.. Pass it along...

Right now a woman is getting out of her car. She will walk up to her house her arms full of groceries, a man across the street will see her struggling to carry her bags up, but he wont help, just stare. The woman will make it successfully through her front door, but as she closes the doors the bags will fall out of her arms. Eggs will break on her feet, and her wine bottle will crack. She’ll carefully pick the bottle up, hoping that it wont break. But as she walks slowly towards her kitchen the glass will suddenly break. Leaving a very large, red stain on her carpet.

If the man had helped the woman he would have discovered that the woman‘s name was Jenny. He would have found out that she had a beautiful smile and warm brown eyes. The man would have fallen in love. He would have had three children with that woman. He would had a lifetime of love and happiness.

But the man did not help. He sat on his porch watching the woman struggle. Where he still sits today, just watching.

Kindness goes a long way…


This is my first time ever, I repeat EVER blogging, so if I make any mistakes, sue me. Or don't, you know what ever.

So I've always been one of those girls that was there, but always being ignored. Everywhere. I'm not the first emotional teenager to post her unheard words on the internet and I have to admit I will not be the last. But that's the way things are. Every teenager in the world could talk on and on about how crappy their life is, some people will listen maybe even feel bad for that teenager but most people are just going to turn their heads and say to themselves, 'Not my kid. Not my problem.' And its true. You may feel sorry for that kid, but what are you going to do about it? You going to get in your car and home to your own dysfunctional family, and maybe you'll feel grateful for what you have, or maybe you'll wonder what it'd be like to have more.

But do yourself a favor. Don't wonder. Instead go hug your mother tell she the best mother in the world, or go tell you little brother that drugs are bad, maybe even tell you sister that you love her. Show your love, and appreciate your life, because it is your one and only life. Don't throw it away for one moment of wonder. That one moment of wonder will take you to a time of a different reality, maybe a better reality but once it's time to be yourself, you will choose to be different. You wont be yourself anymore. You'll become someone else. So don't wonder what life could be like, just enjoy the one that you were given because clearly if your still reading this, you do have a better life than some people surrounding you.

I'm not trying to change the world with my words. I know that is impossible for one person words to do. But I do hope that someone will read these words and see the 'light' in them. I hope that someone will follow my advise. Or maybe you wont because you don't agree with it. But who knows? Maybe you'll think about that one day, then you'll smile.