Friday, July 29, 2011

Being Mature

In the family unit..

Have you ever sat on your kitchen counter while your mother had bills scattered all over the kitchen table? Did you see the stressed look on your mothers face? Did you see the worry lines forming on her face? If you did, what did you do? Did you hop off the counter and give her a hug and tell her everything going to be ok? Or did you hop off the counter, and start telling her that you needed money to go to the mall?

As teenagers we all have to understand that everything isn’t about us. We have to realize our parents are under a lot of stress. Sometime were not going to get what ever we want. And so what, its life. If you want money, get a job. Go mow your neighbors lawn. Give your parents a break. They need one. They need to know that your not going to complain when they cant give you money. Because if you have forgotten, that phone that you have, costs money, the computer you use, costs money. Everything in your room, costs money. Sometimes money your parents don’t have to spend.

Sometimes its ok not to get your way. It happens to everyone. We need to realize that our parents love us, and they do everything for us. And if your parents offer you some money, maybe you should turn it down, or tell your parents to spend it on themselves. God knows our parents don’t do it enough. They’re always getting us as much stuff as they can, but they rarely ever get anything for themselves. And maybe its time for them to get themselves something. If they do, don’t be mad because they’re spending that money on themselves, just remember that they’re paying for all your stuff, half of which most of us don’t deserve.

And for those lucky teenagers that have well-off parents. Don’t take you luxury for granted, because one day it could just disappear. Then you’ll be living like the rest of us. Be happy for what your given and enjoy it, but don’t make everything about you, and know when its not okay to buy those shoes. If you do buy those shoes just remember how hard your parents may have worked for that money for those shoes.

I’m not saying to guys that you shouldn’t enjoy your life, because we all should. But what I am saying is remember that your parents didn’t just shit out that money. They worked hard for it, only to be given the money and to have that money disappear within hours of having it. Some people are lucky to not have to worry about money and if you are one of those people, try to realize just how lucky you are, because not everyone is as lucky as you are.

Be responsible even when you don’t wish to be. Do something nice for your parents, even if its just cleaning the yard. Remember to tell your parents that you love them, and you appreciate everything they’ve given you. Because without them, what would you have? Even less.


I hope you guys understand my words. I know that I may not be the best person to be saying them, but someone should say them.

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