Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This is my first time ever, I repeat EVER blogging, so if I make any mistakes, sue me. Or don't, you know what ever.

So I've always been one of those girls that was there, but always being ignored. Everywhere. I'm not the first emotional teenager to post her unheard words on the internet and I have to admit I will not be the last. But that's the way things are. Every teenager in the world could talk on and on about how crappy their life is, some people will listen maybe even feel bad for that teenager but most people are just going to turn their heads and say to themselves, 'Not my kid. Not my problem.' And its true. You may feel sorry for that kid, but what are you going to do about it? You going to get in your car and home to your own dysfunctional family, and maybe you'll feel grateful for what you have, or maybe you'll wonder what it'd be like to have more.

But do yourself a favor. Don't wonder. Instead go hug your mother tell she the best mother in the world, or go tell you little brother that drugs are bad, maybe even tell you sister that you love her. Show your love, and appreciate your life, because it is your one and only life. Don't throw it away for one moment of wonder. That one moment of wonder will take you to a time of a different reality, maybe a better reality but once it's time to be yourself, you will choose to be different. You wont be yourself anymore. You'll become someone else. So don't wonder what life could be like, just enjoy the one that you were given because clearly if your still reading this, you do have a better life than some people surrounding you.

I'm not trying to change the world with my words. I know that is impossible for one person words to do. But I do hope that someone will read these words and see the 'light' in them. I hope that someone will follow my advise. Or maybe you wont because you don't agree with it. But who knows? Maybe you'll think about that one day, then you'll smile. 

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